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Investment Track

Build your investment portfolio with the aim of achieving your financials goals

Planning Track

Get a holistic view on all aspects of your personal finances through FinGPS

Value Added Services

Get advice on specific aspects of finance that require your attention

Investment Track

We understand every individual is distinctive, and has distinct set of goals. Also, risk appetite and time horizon to reach goals, vary from person to person. Therefore, Asset Allocation becomes extremely critical.

While constructing the portfolio, we look at a wide range of securities from the investment universe. We shortlist only those that are time tested and proven. A good portfolio also needs to be optimized through diversification, and through correlations between investment securities to bring stability in the returns.

The nature of market is such that it does not remain constant. As the market moves, the portfolio may get "out of balance" and needs to be rebalanced. Although sounding simple, this can be really challenging because it means selling a well performing investment to buy something that apparently might not be performing as well. Read further at FinTelligent Portfolios.

Planning Track

Pretty much like your car GPS helping you on the road - it constantly guides you on where you are, in relation to where you want to be. FinGPS considers all your financial goals like retirement, child education, buying a house etc, and creates a well-defined path for you.It takes a comprehensive view of your needs including budgeting and saving, investments, taxes, insurance etc, and puts you in driver's seat. Read Further at FinGPS.


You may want to start with certain specific services catering to areas of finance that require attention. Check out some of our value added services.

Most of us regret to see a large portion of our income going away in taxes. Tax Planning is not a reactive exercise reactionary to the tax filing dates - but something that has be planned well in advance and with the rightful purpose in mind

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Accidents happen. One major incident could jeopardize your whole future planning, and it takes a lot of time to come out of it. One needs to ensure the family doesn’t get affected financially and is provided for, in case something happens to you

Read more at FinSure

We spend our lifetime building assets. It will be unfortunate if those assets are not distributed the way you envisaged. Putting down one’s wishes well in advance is the way to avoid bitter fights later when you are not there

Read more at FinEstate
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