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A new age advisory firm which helps you achieve your financial goals and build wealth in a structured and scientific way.

Founded in 2011, Fin@Work was set up to help middle income group get access to quality, unbiased and affordable advice.

We have been in advisory for a while now and like to believe we understand the pain points better than anyone else.

Our belief is that three important but elusive aspects “QUALITYOBJECTIVITY and AFFORDABILITY ” of advice are achievable through a sensible combination of technology and human touch.

We have assimilated best practices of some of the finest financial planners in the country and our platform is built on the cutting edge technology.

360 degree– advice covering all aspects of personal advice

There are so many financial decisions one has to make – budgeting, taxation, contingencies, protection, risk & return trade-off, liquidity, estate etc. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a family office which can help in all these aspects at one place?

Best of Human Empathy and Technology Capability

As an advisor we believe the biggest value we can add is in quality conversations with our clients. Technology frees us from a lot of mundane tasks and brings a lot of efficiency in the way we operate. At Fin@Work, we believe we have perfected the delicate balance between these two.

Team with hands on advisory experience of over two decades

Our team comprises of some of the finest financial planners in the country. Nobody understands the finer aspects of this profession better than us. As you use our platform, you will notice those small little things which make all the difference between best and the rest.


Sneak a peak in our office and see how we engage our clients. How they feel their life changed after Fin@Work. Hear from our founding team directly on what motivates us and what we are trying to achieve.


How our founding team came together gives an ample indication of what has gone into our DNA.

Saurabh who worked in US and Europe, noticed a glaring gap between how advisory was practiced in India and abroad. He founded Fin@Work with the vision of building world class customer centric investment advisory firm. Asad was one of the early clients of Fin@Work and used to give a lot of inputs on how we could improve on our product platform. At some point, he decided to leave his lucrative job and lead the technology for us. Neeti is one of the finest financial planners in the country and used to run her practice independently. She realized technology can bring wonders in an advisory practice and came onboard to redefine the future of advisory with us.


We are Hiring!

Do you feel that your work does not allow you to explore your full potential? Do you want to take control of your career and compensation? Drop us a line, lets get talking!
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